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Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

October 15, 2016 | Posted by Todd Vote
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Destiny: Rise of Iron Review  

The campaign for Rise of Iron is quite a bit shorter than the previous story DLC, The Taken King. Rise of Iron will only take a couple of hours to get through. If I remember correctly, The Taken King campaign lasted between 6-8 hours. While the campaign is fun, with a fun boss fight, the story offers nothing new really. The map is still a chore to navigate (though, I’ll admit this is as much my fault for hopping into the game with TTK, instead of when it launched, I just don’t have the familiarity with it), making it a chore for any new players to find the Rise of Iron content. I know I had a heck of a time, and eventually just turned over leadership of the fire team. I’d much rather just play than try to figure that out. Anyways, that’s a minor complaint, and I will shoulder at least partial blame for that.

The shortness of the campaign, combined with a pretty basic story really stops it from becoming anything that elevates the game. It’s mostly a been there done that type of thing. You grind out in mostly the same areas trying to earn enough light to be able to play the raid in order to get more gear, to keep grinding. While grinding out for gear can be fun, it can also get very repetitive very quickly. Rise of Iron just doesn’t feel like anything fresh over what we’ve been given.

The Sivia infected Fallen are basically just the new Taken. They are tougher than the regular Fallen enemies, but do not really bring anything new to throw at you aside from their difficulty in being dispatched for lower light level players. After battling through the Taken King DLC, the Sivia Fallen just seem sort of hollow.

There is a new Raid that comes with the purchase of Rise of Iron, Wrath of the Machine. The Raids are probably my favorite, and most frustrating thing about Destiny. They are challenging in a good way, but can easily become frustrating. Wrath of the Machine is no different. There is a pattern to figure out, while simultaneously battling away hordes of adds. Again, something fun and challenging, that requires you work together with your teams to figure out the puzzles, and how to bring down the archpriest.

There are also some cosmetic upgrades to the Cosmodrome. The area has been lightened up quite a bit. Most of it is snow covered, and shows the wear and tear of previous battles that have taken place. It’s a pretty neat site to see a defeated tank covered in snow and ice.

Last thing I want to touch on is the addition of a new area altogether called the Plaguelands. This is where the bulk of your new grinding will be done. The strikes in the Plaguelands are supposed to offer new exotics (I’ve yet to get anything great, but I’ve heard from a couple of people that some of them are year one weapons brought back.

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Overall, Rise of Iron offers plenty of new grinds for the Destiny faithful. Those of you who hate Destiny aren’t going to suddenly start loving it, and those who love it will be pleased overall with the Rise of Iron DLC. The campaign, while short, features a decent boss battle. The strikes and the Raid are going to be what keeps people coming back. After The Taken King, I was hoping for a bit more content with this one, but overall it’s not a bad purchase for Destiny lovers.

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