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Diablo Eternal Collection (Switch) Review

November 12, 2018 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Diablo III Eternal Collection
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Diablo Eternal Collection (Switch) Review  

Honestly, what is there to really say about Diablo 3 on Switch? It’s a near-perfect port of the PC/console game just on a Switch. Everything is intact from the other versions, it comes with the latest current content (Necromancer DLC) and is a general joy to play. However, there are a few gameplay twerks that could have made this a much better deal for some people.

For starters, “Yes”, this is the full game of Dablo (with Reaper of Souls DLC). It has the five act story, as well as the Adventure Mode unlocked from the start, which is nice. The seven character classes are here: Barbarian, Wizard, Witch Doctor, Monk, Demon Hunter, Crusader (Reaper of Souls) and Necromancer (Necromancer DLC), and play just the same as they did on PC or on XB1/PS4.

In this version I played as a Necromancer since I don’t have that DLC for the other versions I already have and enjoyed myself. You can still pick your sex, so I went with a female Necromancer I named Zelda (you’ll see why below) and went through the Adventure Mode, collecting bounties, closing Nephalem Rifts and trying to get more gear.

The loot grind is still strong in Diablo 3 and that comes across well on the Switch. Arguably the biggest draw for this version is that it’s on a mobile system. With the recent (and unfortunate) reveal of Diablo: Immortal notwithstanding, playing the complete Diablo 3 experience on a mobile device is superb. I WAS ABLE TO KILL DIABLO WHILE SITTING ON THE TOILET! This was pretty magical and I got a nice new pair of boots from the chest that spawned.

There is a partial drawback to the mobile experience and that is the graphics. Now, the game runs flawlessly, it never had a dipped framerate and looks generally how you expect. The drawback is to your character. In mobile form, if you zoom in on your specific character, it can look somewhat pixelated and ugly. This is pretty much the only inherent negative I can think of for the game. Well that, and if you do play for long periods undocked, expect your Switch to get a little toasty the longer you play.


My positive feelings are also marred a bit with the Switch exclusive features. The two notable things are a Ganondorf transmog set and some Amiibo functionality. Oh, you also get a Cucco (chicken) pet, which collects gold for you.

The transmog looks fine and the Cucco is alright but the Amiibo stuff is very lame. Basically, you scan in an Amiibo and it causes a random champion or elite monster pack to spawn in. That’s it. And you can do this only once every 22 hours. What the hell?

Look, I know this wouldn’t work, there are far too many third party Amiibos for them to do it, but couldn’t they have found at least some interesting way to use them? Why not just give you a bit of some specialized loot? Like, if you scan in a Mario Amiibo, you get some type of flame hat, or if you scan in a Link Amiibo, you get a custom Master Sword piece of equipment?

There’s two reasons why, one is valid, one isn’t. The valid one is because, as said above, there are a lot of third party Amiibos out there. I imagine Square might have something to say if you scanned in Cloud to get a Buster Sword in D3, or Sega could complain if you get Bayonetta’s guns if you scan in that figure, so I can understand the legal argument.

The invalid reason is because it would take more time/effort to do so. Look at Yoshi’s Wooly World, that had support for dozens of Amiibos, to give Yoshi a new costume for his character. I would have loved to have seen Blizzard make the effort to do that, at least with the Nintendo-created ones.

There is a Loot Goblin Amiibo coming to Gamestop at the end of this year but I think it might only open a portal to the Treasure Goblin map. That would be useful for farming, but it’s the only Amiibo that actually does this.

Two last things I’ll mention: multiplayer and vendors. The multiplayer works as you would expect online. If you’re playing on a single Switch console, you may not have the greatest time with a friend with just one Joy-Con. This is just my opinion but a single Joy-Con is too small for my hand, and the concessions they make for the control scheme are gnarly. You have to hold down the move button and press other buttons to access the map or town portal. Plus, you swing the Joy-Con to do the roll move. You may eventually get used to it, but it never feels normal.

As far as vendors go, I do wish there was just a kind of “cheat” vendor. I don’t mean like giving you infinite life or gold or anything, but there is a lot of really arcane stuff in the game that requires some research on how to unlock. It would have been really nice if there was a vendor that just sold you the materials to create the Staff of Herding, or the different Infernal Machines.

I also really wish there could have been some sort of character import feature. Far and away my best character is on PS4 but I know that Sony wouldn’t have allowed that. Still, it would have been nice if there was some sort of functionality where it could have brought in my PC character/inventory. This would have mitigated my desire for a cheat vendor and would have made this package for returning players even more attractive.

The final score: review Amazing
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Sure, it’s a 6 year old game just on the Switch but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, or frankly impressive, that it’s on a mobile system. It’s everything you liked from Diablo 3 just in a compact mode with some slightly dodgy Switch-exclusive features added to it. I wouldn’t say this is the best version of the game but that doesn’t mean it’s any slouch compared to its counterparts on PC/Console. Get it if you want a game with infinite replayability and you want to be able to take it on the go.

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