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E3 2017: Destiny 2 Gameplay Preview

June 24, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Destiny 2

During this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Activision and Bungie invited 411mania to take part in an early playable demo for Destiny 2.

The E3 demo was for the highly anticipated Windows PC version of the game, as Destiny transitions to the platform for the upcoming sequel. The demo did not feature anything new in terms of content, and it was essentially the intro level for the game that had been previously showcased by Bungie.

As a console gamer, adjusting to the PC controls and mechanics for the demo was rather jarring. Testing Destiny for the PC was a bit different in having to utilize the keyboard and mouse controls, so there was a bit of a learning curve of that sense. More seasoned and experienced PC players should not really have any issues here.

The level for this year’s E3 demo is basically the intro stage of Destiny 2. All seems quiet, but it’s a little too quiet in the Guardians’ Tower. Unfortunately, the Guardians are blitzed by a surprise attack from Dominus Ghaul, and what appears to be the entire Cabal fleet attacking the Guardian hub. The Vanguard manage to survive the early attack, and the player’s own Guardian jumps into the fray.

Mechanically, this didn’t look like much of a departure from Destiny in terms of overall presentation and execution. Granted, the level does start with an all-out attack on the Tower, the Guardians’ home, which is literally crumbling around the heroes. Also, the player’s Guardians gets to actively interact with the Vanguard Guardians during the fight, which is fun. The Cabal are dropped into the Tower with some strange drop ships that look like hologram, energy balls.

The enemies weren’t too hard to dispatch after getting the hang of the PC controls. New weaponry include a type of grenade launcher, which looks like a nice change of pace from the usual long-range weapons.

Eventually, the player’s Guardian makes it deeper into the Tower, and the Speaker’s office has been trashed. The fate of the Speaker is left intentionally vague, so he could technically still be alive. After this sequence, Ikora Rey is royally ticked and takes the fight directly to a Red Legion ship. The Guardian then heads to the North Tower to get a pickup from shipwright Amanda Holliday.

One of the more interesting things to notice in the invasion is that the Cabal appear to be capturing the Traveler with some sort of massive claw device. Holliday prays for the Traveler to wake up and do something, but that’s completely futile. The Guardian is then dropped off on the Red Legion’s command ship to take the fight to Dominus Ghaul. The Cabal minions start to get to a higher difficulty level, but there’s nothing too soul crushing.

After crushing some Cabal troopers, the Guardian heads deeper into the command ship. Like the gameplay footage reveal, the demo ends right when you encounter Ghaul for the first time. So, it seems the Cabal have learned English now, or the Guardians have really awesome, new universal language translators that were built into their tech and armor in recent months.

The most exciting thing about the demo was the new grenade launcher weapon, which has some nice punch to it. This was really just an early chunk of the game and didn’t really offer a broader view of how the rest of the main campaign will turn out or what other significant changes are in store. However, based on the other previews, it appears that Destiny 2 will have a lot of progressive changes.

The gameplay demo’s story and narrative elements for the introduction level were nice; but hopefully, the more burning issues and questions that were always left aside during the life of the first game will be addressed. For starters, where the heck is the Exo Stranger, and why didn’t she have time to explain that she didn’t have time to explain? Has the Speaker been able to talk to the Traveler again after destroying the Heart of Darkness? These are major elements suggested or outright left dangling in the original game that have still not yet been addressed.

Overall, the demo was a little on the short side, but it was a nice introduction into what Destiny 2 has to offer. Hopefully, the loot drop and grinding issues that constantly plagued the first game are not as frustrating as those in the first game. Destiny 2 arrives on September 8. The sequel will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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