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EN Publishing Brings Nine New D&D Classes in A Touch More Class Kickstarter

June 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
A Touch More Class D&D

A new Fifth Edition D&D book from EN Publishing is now on Kickstarter and seeks to expand player options in terms of classes. EN has launched their crowdfunding campaign for A Touch More Class, which adds nine new player classes in a 100 page book.

The new book is a sequel to their popular A Touch of Class book and includes classies including a blood-using magic-user called the Bloodweaver, the Fatebender who manipulates the threads of destiny and luck, the self-duplicating Gemini Warrior and more. By contributing to the Kickstarter, you can get either the original Touch of Class book, the new supplement or both.

The full description of the classes is below. As of now, the campaign is funded with ease after just a day with $29,298 of the $1,268 goal as of this writing. The stretch goals add new subclass options, with fourteen already unlocked and several more still to go. You can view the Kickstarter and contribute here.

* The Bloodweaver: Macabre Magician. Bloodweavers fuel their magical powers with their own blood, enhancing their own prowess, healing or bolstering allies, and flaying open their foes. They can sense the presence of creatures of flesh and bone, resist the cold reach of death, and manipulate a target’s blood to spectacular, deadly effect. Choose from the Bloodbinder, Crimson Witch, and Scarlet Reaper subclasses!
* The Fatebender: Destiny’s Chosen. At the extreme edges of fate’s tapestry, fatebenders pull upon its fraying threads, tugging at the strands of chance. Fatebenders manipulate their own dice rolls as well as those of allies and enemies, further relying on luck to make uncanny discoveries, avoid lethal attacks, and make the most of their own strikes. Subclasses include the Mascot, Jinx, and Weaver!
* The Gemini: Two-Faced Warrior. Evading and confounding enemies, gemini create dangerous semi-real multiples of themselves and copy their foes’ techniques. Their duality affects more than how they wage war however, and each embodies two major contrasting ideals, never certain which will be at the fore the next time they wake. Will you select the Atavist, the Equalist, or the Reluctant Hero?
* The Geomancer: Nature’s Hearthmage. These mages turn the surrounding elements into potent weapons and tools and fuel their spells with the primal components of creation. Geomancers can also protect companions from harm and draw upon nature outside of battle to reveal reality’s secrets. Four distinct orders – the Conqueror, the Apothecary, the Architect, and the Rune Knight.
* The Gunfighter: Black Powder Desperado. These warriors shoot their way across the field of battle, pausing only long enough to aim their next bullets. Gunfighters are adept with the guns they choose to master, picking off targets hidden behind cover with precise shooting and aiming telling shots that leave enemies with catastrophic wounds. The Bushwacker, Drifter, and Maverick make your choice of subclasses!
* The Lodestar: Fractured Soul Given Form. In combat lodestars are poetry in motion, their innate powers bringing both wonder and woe. To keep from unraveling into madness these fractured souls must train and hone their skills, becoming masters of body and mind—and their lodestones, magical spheres used to attack, defend, and more. The lodestar chooses from three methods: Control, Imagination, or Instinct.
* The Monster Tamer: Companion of Beasts. Monster tamers bond with monstrous pets, whether beasts, exotic aberrations, slimes, or even draconic in nature! Though significantly weaker on their own, tamers with companions make for a potent and unique addition to any group of adventurers able to tolerate the presence of a monster in their midst. Select from the Animalist regimen, Monstrous regimen, and Oddball regimen.
* The Savant: Mind Over Matter. Sometimes saving the day means weaponizing knowledge. Savants are brilliant detectives, iconic martial artists, and adventurous physicians, each utilizing genius where others rely on magic or brute power. Repositories of lore, savants also use canny combat tricks to put enemies at a disadvantage. You might be an Adversary, a Chirurgeon, or a Coordinator.
* The Tinkerer: Engineer of Wonder. Tinkerers bring life to impressive contraptions, create incredible devices, and forge legendary destinies! When not making or improving mundane items, tinkerers use their technical genius to unleash elemental fury upon their foes, relying upon their own brilliance to resist any magic that might subvert their will. Steam Knights, Bombardiers, and Mechanics make up the tinkerer’s choice of subclasses!

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