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First Magic: The Gathering Arena Esports Tournament Set For PAX East With $1 Million Prize Pool

January 31, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Magic: The Gathering Arena

The first major Magic: The Gathering Arena esports tournament has been announced, and will take place at PAX East. Wizards of the Coast announced on Thursday that the Mythic Invitational will run from March 28th through the 31st at the convention in Boston, Massachusetts. The tournament will host sixty-four players, who will be competing for a total prize pool of $1 million with the winner taking home $250,000 down to $7,500 for seventheenth throuh sixty-fourth place.

The tournament marks Wizard’s commitment to making MTG: Arena a serious player in the esports world. The company announced in December that they would be launching an esports program with a total of $10 million up for grabs in 2019 between their physical and esports competitions, and PAX East is a good start for a company that wants to make an impact.

“The Mythic Invitational is going to be a historic weekend ushering in a new era of Magic esports,” said Elaine Chase, vice president of esports at Wizards of the Coast. “The competitors represent the diversity and depth of the Magic player base, and feature a mix of top players in the world who will be in Boston competing for $1M in prizes.”

The Mythic Tournament will feature a new competitive format for MTG. Titled “Duo Standard,” the format will see each player bringing two decks into their matches. Each player decides which deck to use in their first match, and will use the other deck for the second match. The third match (if necessary) will allow them to choose which deck to use again. Deck construction follows standard Magic: The Gathering competitive deck requirements, with no additional limitations.

Fifty-six of the sixty-four berths have already been filled, with thirty-one Magic Pro League players entered and another twenty-five invitees. MTG: Arena players hoping to take one of the final eight berths can qualify by getting into the top eight of February’s Mythic Constructed Ranking for February. The final results are set to be revealed on March 4th.