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The Gaming Rs: Destiny 2, Xbox’s Free Games, More

September 8, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange
Destiny 2

Hello everyone and welcome to the Gaming Rs! I’ll be here every Wednesday looking at the Right, wRong and Ridiculous of the week in gaming! I’ll be your master of ceremonies, Stewart Lange. For those of you with good memory, I used to write the Gaming 5 & 1 back when that was still a thing and even had a short lived run as host of Ask 411 Games after Mathew Sforcina stepped away from doing it. More recently, I’ve come back as a reviewer, with Agents of Mayhem and Life Is Strange: Before The Storm being two of the bigger games I’ve covered since coming back. I also have a weekly gaming podcast, which you can find as part of the Radulich In Broadcasting Network on iTunes.

I also have a Progress Wrestling podcast. You can follow that by searching Screaming For Progress on Facebook, or @ProgressScream on Twitter.

That’s enough about me, any questions you can put in the comments. We’ll get to know each other well over the coming weeks and months, so without any further delay, let’s Right some wRongs!


The Right:

It’s always going to be easy to start the week off with a game launch in the Right column, especially when it’s one that I’m excited for! If there’s something I’m not too bothered about, though, a game launch may find itself in one of the other categories. Anyway, enough of peeking behind the curtain of the Gaming R’s, let’s have a look at the Right of the week. Destiny 2 has arrived today and as you all read this, I’ll be knee deep in Cabal guts. Assuming the Cabal have guts, that is. Bungie and Activision have seemingly taken criticism on board and given the reaction to the beta a couple of weeks ago, Destiny 2 seems like it will undoubtedly be one of the success stories of 2017. Or, stay tuned for next week when it finds itself in the Ridiculous column, after I spend 5 days unsuccessfully trying to matchmake or find a firesquad. There are going to be potentially two reviews up on 411 over the coming couple of weeks, so make sure and stay tuned for those. If you want to get a game, I’m outafterdark216 on Xbox Live, so feel free to say hi and join me for some shooting. It’s maybe too early to be have earned a genuine Right, but it’s extremely exciting and I’m counting down the minutes that my copy becomes unlocked at midnight as I write this.

The wRong:

The wRong this week comes from the backlash against the free games for the month of September across Xbox and PS Plus. Now, it should always be nice to get something for free and it maybe says a lot about gamers that we complain when we do, but it’s another fairly poor month for the complimentary games. Xbox Live users are getting Forza 5, a release title for the One and an indie title called Oxenfree from the 15th of the month. If you want to go backwards compatible, then you can get Battlefield 3 and Hydro Thunder. PS4 users can do a little bit better, with Child of Light, inFamous: Second Son and the mighty Handball 2016 for the PS3. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but Forza 5 is not a particularly generous offering by Microsoft, who have been fairly poor for a couple of months now. What would have been wrong with offering Forza 6, considering we’re around a month away from the next instalment of the series, rather than a 4 year old game? Now, the argument can be made that these games are gratis, for a service we’re paying for anyway and they actually don’t need to offer us anything at all, let alone brand new indie games, but the console war is still going on, so surely one company would look to add one semi-recent AAA title every month? Considering EA Access has already offered Mirrors Edge 2, UFC 2, FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1 to it’s vault, maybe we could be getting a game from 2016, rather than 2013 or 14? Let me know in the comments!

The Ridiculous:

Now, this is a subject fairly close to my heart. I don’t claim to be a “gaming journalist,” but there has been a backlash against those who are after a particular reviewer gave upcoming release Cuphead a poor review because he just wasn’t very good at it. This brings about the question of “do gaming journalists need to be good at games”? It’s a tough one and it’s actually one of the reasons I know I’ll never be able to consider myself a full time, living, breathing gaming journalist. I’m just not very good at certain games. Now, I’m really good at some games, but my biggest issue is that I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, so find myself struggling with online shooters or anything with PvP content. Likewise, I don’t find a huge amount of time to dedicate to gaming, so anything I struggle with or am forced to die a lot, such as Dark Souls, the aforementioned Cuphead or even the recent Sonic Mania, I’ll be inclined to put down without finishing it. With a professional reviewer, though, they should have the ability to at least experience the majority of a game to be able to offer up their genuine, balanced opinion. Recently I reviewed Path of Exile for 411, and had I given up on it when I wanted to, it would have been an extremely short, angry review. It still wasn’t the best game I’ve ever played, but it did get a 6/10 after I stuck with it a little bit longer. What do you think?

That’s all for this week, stick with me as I add new features and tweak the concept slightly to suit my own nefarious agenda. I hope you enjoyed the Right, wRong and Ridiculous gaming news from this week, so I’ll see you in seven and until then….

Don’t be a dick!

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