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Green Ronin Previews Mutants & Masterminds’ SuperTeam Handbook

April 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mutants & Masterminds Superteam Handbook

Green Ronin has published a new preview of the upcoming SuperTeam Handbook for Mutants & Masterminds. M&M developer Crystal Frasier shared a look at one of the sample characters from AEGIS: Red Group in the book, the team analyst Jessie Baker.

The preview includes a PDF with the full spread, including background and character sheet, for the character. Frasier points out that the characte is a bit different than NPC sheets as has been presented in other Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition supplements, saying, “One of the big goals in putting together the SuperTeam Handbook was to have a product any group could crack open and start playing within fifteen minutes, regardless of the flavor of campaign they wanted to run with. So in addition to making sure every team included guidelines for the kinds of adventures they have and a list of likely opponents they’d face, we also took some time to re-organize the character sheet to be fast and user-friendly for players. The hope is that everyone at the table can print a single sheet, front and back, and have everything they need to begin their adventures.”

The SuperTeam Handbook is set to release later this year for the game, which is one of the most popular superhero RPGs being published. The book is described as follows:

The Superteam Handbook puts the focus on the heroes and their team, with details for players and gamemasters alike to make their team cohesive, dramatic, and fun! Heroes can work closer together than ever before with new, team-focused powers, advantages, and attack options. Eight pre-made hero teams-ranging from PL 5 to PL 12-serve as campaign-kickstarters, with guidelines, resources, and advice for running a variety of heroic campaigns, along with background and statblocks for their members to use as player characters, rivals, or villains. Will you save the planet as part of the globe-hopping UNIQUE, battle to keep the streets safe as one of the street-brawling Ferroburg Four, or take on ancient aliens from the cockpit of your own giant robot as a member of MagnaForce? Whatever you choose, be stronger than the sum of your parts!