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Grey Dog Software Releasing Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 This Month

April 16, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Total Extreme Wrestling

It’s been a few years since the last iteration of Adam Ryland’s Total Extreme Wrestling series, but Grey Dog Software is set to release the newest version this month. Grey Dog will release TEW 2020 on April 30th, with the trial public beta set to drop next Thursday.

TEW is the successor to Ryland’s Extreme Warfare series of wrestling sims, which started with the original Extreme Warfare in 1995. Over the years, the game has morphed into different versions including Extreme Warfare Deluxe in 2001, Extreme Warfare Revenge in 2002 and then the TEW series starting in 2004. The game allows players to set up their own wrestling settings and take control of a wrestling company, guiding it through the ups and downs of booking shows, dealing with talent, negotiating for TV series and the like.

The game uses a fictional “Cornellverse” data set as the default but allows for user-created data sets, which has led to a host of historical and current-day settings based on real-world wrestling equivalents. TEW 2020 will feature a host of new updates, as the code was completely rewritten, with the announcement noting the following new features:

* New contract structure, ticket pricing process and merchandising plans.
* Attendance levels are now directly impacted by the star names on a show and a much more streamlined match booking approach.
* Playing as child companies. This mode works in the same way as running a normal company, except that the player must deal with several extra challenges in dealing with the parent company (development workers, call workers up, fire workers, and the parent blocking certain actions).
* TEW2020 is going to be at a 1366×768 resolution ,which means that it’s physically wider than previous games.
* Feature on-the-fly booking for the first time. This means that when you’re running a show you can “drop out” of the live event and back to the booking screen whenever you like.
* Each event can be given an intent; this tells the game how it is being promoted to the fans and what its aim is. The four levels are Normal (like prior versions), Lesser, Tour, and Throwaway.
* Attributes will be making their debut in 2020. Attributes are essentially tags that can be assigned to workers to give them specific quirks or abilities.
* Experience for each worker has been added. Experience affects a worker’s in-ring performance; the more experienced a worker is, the better he is able to cope with problems and mistakes when they happen. This also allows workers to mitigate poor booking.
* Comes with a detailed editor that allows you to alter any aspect of the game world. Edit existing worlds or create your own!
* New feature which turns a save game directly into a new database. It’s located in the Options menu (right above the existing button to make an MDB file). The resulting database then works like any other mod – you can edit it via the main editor, use it to launch new games, etc.

The game will retail for $34.95 via direct download and elicense off Grey Dog’s site. You can find out more about the features in Ryland’s extensive developer’s journal here (which requires creating a forum account).