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Injustice 2 vs. Tekken 7: Which Fighter Is For You?

June 23, 2017 | Posted by Adam Larck

This summer has plenty of great fighting games to choose from. Switch owners have Arms, the Guilty Gear series got its latest entry and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 got a next-gen update earlier this year.

However, two titles really stand out as top contenders of your time right now: Injustice 2 and Tekken 7. While both are definitely worth checking out, both time and money can be a factor in choosing just one to try. So, which fighter should you play this summer? Read our recaps of both below.

Injustice 2

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NetherRealm has done another great job with the DC license. After the first title’s great single-player mode, Injustice 2 features an even better campaign here, tying together the aftermath of the first title with Brainiac coming to destroy Earth.

During the long campaign, players take control of various heroes and villains, letting them get a feel for everyone and maybe find a few extra characters they like in the meantime. Plus, you can see how NetherRealm is making their own universe, creating new factions and dividing previous pairs because of the question of whether killing a villain is wrong or not.

The cast of characters go from the mainstays, like Batman, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, to unique choices like Atrocitus, Swamp Thing and Doctor Fate. However, trying them all out to see their special moves and ultimate moves are very entertaining.

It should be noted that pretty much every fight, whether in the story, on online multiplayer or the gimmicky Multiverse fights, give XP, coins that can be used to buy boxes for equipment and sometimes boxes or additional equipment to equip on fighters. Equipment does provide some stat changes, but I never found it enough to really swing a battle. Instead, think of it mainly as cosmetic changes. Plus, using them on multiplayer ranked matches turn all stat bonuses off as well. It is worth noting that you can buy boxes with microtransactions, and really don’t have say in who you get gear for, so trying to get a rare outfit for someone may take quite a while.

The fighting itself is nicely polished. There is a bounce juggle mechanic that can let long combos be chained together, but moves such as the Clash, roll escapes and reversals can help you get out of combos, or at least try to turn the tide into your favor.

Overall, if you like fighting more against AI, are a DC fan or just love getting loot, Injustice may be what you want to stay with this summer. If microtransactions really both you, though, maybe give Tekken 7 a look.

Tekken 7

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Tekken 7 has already had a year of play before its console release, being put through the paces at Japanese and Korean arcades. So, a lot of balancing issues have already been taken care of just through plenty of playtime.

It is Tekken, though, which means one missed combo or blocked move can have you punished by losing ¾ of your health through a long combo beatdown. There are plenty of characters to choose from, from classics like Heihachi, Kazuya, Yoshimitsu and Forest Law, to plenty of newer characters (10 to be exact, with an extra as DLC), plus even the addition of Akuma from Street Fighter.

It is worth noting that a new Rage feature has been added. Take enough damage and you can get a Rage meter you can use to power up a special attack or just perform a Rage Art special attack, similar to a special meter in other fighting games.

Outside of versus mode and the online multiplayer fights, there is a Mishima saga story mode that lets you take control of a few members from the roster. It’s fairly short, and often features fights of multiple weak enemies at once, but is interesting to speed through, if just to see the nice cutscenes that Namco Bandai created for the mode.

Another interesting mode that was created was Treasure Mode, where you can run characters through wave after wave of enemies to keep getting random loot drops. The loot is purely cosmetic, and can be bought with coins earned in game as well, but it’s a nice feature to customize your character how you want before taking them online to fight.

If you love long, juggling combos, were a fan of Tekken growing up or just want to see how crazy you can make a character look, Tekken 7 will be right up your alley. However, if you don’t like how one combo can end a fight almost instantly, Injustice 2 may be better for you.

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