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The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Game is Now Available

February 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Judge Dredd RPG

Get your helmet on and prepare to be the law, because the Judge Dredd roleplaying game is now available. EN Publishing has released the corebook for Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD in PDF format via DriveThruRPG, along with the first adventure/sourcebook The Robot Wars. You can see a trailer and the cover images for the books below.

Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD uses the WOIN (What’s OLD is NEW) RPG system, which uses only D6s and a pool of dice against a difficulty level for rolls. The game was originally crowd-funded via Kickstarter back in October, and massively outperformed its goal with £148,802 (about $195,000) pledged against a £7,500 ($9,808) goal.

The synopsis for the main corebook reads:

Welcome to the worlds of 2000 AD! Voyage into the far future in this versatile tabletop game of science fiction adventure!

Mutant bounty hunters hunt down the scum of the universe. The noble houses of a resurgent imperial Russia use every means at their disposal to attempt to become the supreme power; using bribery, assassination, espionage, diplomacy and war. The solar system is invaded by the Geeks – a hostile alien race hell bent on the destruction of mankind, on Earth and her colonies in the solar system. Criminal hitmen fulfil their contracts, blasting their way though rivals and bodyguards toachieve their bloody payday. Occult investigators hunt down demons andrestless spirits threatening both the lives and souls of the people of Britain.

And then there is Dredd. The top lawman in a vast city over 800 million citizens he contends with criminals, mutant raiders, aliens, rogue robots and enemy agents from other, hostile, megacities.

This roleplaying game provides the core rules for the science fiction worlds of 2000 AD. It also provides in-depth material allowing you to create and run adventures in the world of Judge Dredd.

Inside you will find:

* Rules for creating humans, clones, robots, mutants and uplifted apes. The fun, intuitive life path system allows you to run games for a group of Judges, perps or citizens.
* A wide array of equipment and weapons from the pages of Judge Dredd. Use the iconic lawgiver pistol with its six different bullet types. Use the daystick baton to subdue perps when up close to them. Ride the lawmaster bike, the two-wheeled king of the road.
* Full rules for running the game, including fast but tactical combat, environments, and extended scientific, medical and engineering tasks.
* An exploration of Dredd’s world with many key locations of Dredd’s city detailed along with information on how to use them in games.
* An introductory adventure where you can play as Judges, perps or citizens. All with very different goals and aims.

Whether you are a street gang looking to make it into the big time with a major robbery, a task force of Judges trying to dismantle a major criminal organisation or a group of citizens just hoping to negotiate the Black Friday sales at one of the massive shoplexes (the most dangerous task of all) this book has you covered!