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Justice Velocity Seeks to Bring High-Octane Action Films to Tabletop RPGs

March 1, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Justice Velocity RPG

A new roleplaying game is set to launch its Kickstarter this month with the goal of bringing Fast & Furious-like action to tabletops. Polyhedra Games has announced that Justice Velocity RPG will launch its Kickstarter on March 5th, with hopes to give players a game that hearkens to the over the top action of Vin Diesel and Will Smith popcorn films.

According to the official website, Justice Velocity is based on the action movie universe. “Inspired by the Fast and Furious franchise, Rush Hour, Bad Boys, Initial D, and more, Justice Velocity puts you in the driver’s seat.”

You can see a trailer for the game, which will use a d6-based dice system, below. The video teases mechanics with genre-appropriate names like “Juice” and AP (action points, assumedly) comprehensive vehicular gameplay and a “high octane mode” featuring the use of octane chips to empower your action sequences. It looks to be a simple but fun system that will enable a more dramatic, somewhat less serious level of roleplay.