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Keith Baker Announces New Third-Party Eberron Sourcebook Project Raptor

July 24, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Project Raptor Eberron D&D

Keith Baker is taking a dive into his beloved world of Eberron with a new sourcebook coming to DM’s Guild later this year. Baker announced through his new project KB Presents that Project Raptor will release in late 2019, written by Baker with art from a range of artists and produced with his Manifest Zone co-host Wayne Chang.

The new sourcebook, which is not an official D&D sourcebook (and thus not directly supported by Wizards of the Coast) will be 160+ pages and will examine previously-explored areas of the world of Eberron. Baker writes in the announcement:

From the moment Eberron was released, there have been places and things I’ve wanted to explore in more depth—things that intrigue me, but were never fully explored in the official sourcebooks. Ever since Eberron was unlocked in the DM’s Guild, I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to finally dig deeper into some of my favorite topics. The book will be released late this year, and I’ll talk more about the specifics over the next few months, but I’ll give one example now.

For me, one of the intriguing elements of Eberron is its planes. Whether you view it in absolute isolation from the Great Wheel or consider it to be a shielded reality, Eberron has its own unique planar cosmology. Aside from the possibility of planar travel, manifest zones and coterminous periods allow the planes to influence adventures at all levels of plane. And yet, over the course of fifteen years, we’ve never explored the planes of Eberron in enough depth to fully support that potential. Project Raptor will dig deeper than ever before, finally exploring the potential of the planes.

This was a topic that Baker touched on when I had the chance to talk to him last year at Rose City Comic-Con, where he said:

“The things I want to write — there is a reason that The Planes of Eberron has not come out in fourteen years. And some of the things I want to write, I think are really interesting, I think Eberron fans will think are really interesting, but are a narrower focus. And when you’re doing print books, especially on the scope that Wizards is, they need to try and find the thing that will interest the most people.

So what I am glad about with the DMs Guild is that it is an opportunity. It’s an outlet for those things that would never be popular enough to justify a print run. So yeah, of these things that we’ve just talked about…if a new Eberron book comes out, may some of those ideas work into it? Sure. But like I said, I don’t see Wizards ever putting out a hardcover Planes of Eberron book.”

Baker also said in the announcement that the KB Presents Facebook page will feature a design diary that “will provide project updates, spotlights on the team, and teasers of the work-in-progress, as well as features from Keith’s blog (

The book will be available via Print on Demand and PDF format when it is released through DM’s Guild later this year.