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Kenny Omega On Finding The Right Gameplay Balance For AEW’s Console Game, Update Plans

March 7, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Kenny Omega is hard at work on development of the AEW console game, and he discussed the plans for gameplay and updates in a new interview with the New York Post. You can check out highlights below:

On finding the right balance in the console game’s gameplay: “I think it’s a very thin line between simulation and sort of an arcading feeling. You have to thread it very carefully. And I think people have tried to find that balance. I really think they have and they just haven’t been able to do it.”

On his goals for the console game: “You want it to be fun and you want it feel like when you want to do a move you can do it and you can do it easily.”

On giving the game an arcade-style feel: “I could plug in a quarter at an arcade and my friends that no longer watch wrestling or, maybe they never did, could get four players on a “[WWF] WrestleFest” arcade game and we could all have a lot of fun with it.”

On having regular updates to the game: “There is sort of the conundrum of, let’s say next week on Dynamite Paul Wight shows up. Paul Wight shows up and this is something that happened and this is something that fell into our laps out of nowhere. People might want that character now and we sort of need to have an update ready for people as soon as possible and not kind of go, well actually, jeez we just kind of updated so we’ll get him on the next update three months from now. We want to sort of have a system in place. When there’s these high demand situations we can still pump out something right away for people.”