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Kickstarter Launched For Narrative Game Might & Mystic

February 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Might & Mystic

Cathal Entertainment is crowdfunding a new fantasy roleplaying game, Might & Mystic, that leans into story and away from overly-complex rule systems. The game’s Kickstarter is currently ongoing and has already reached its crowdfunding goal of $1,000 with thirty-seven days still to go.

Cathal says on the Kickstarter page that Might & Mystic seeks to focus on what many roleplayers consider the most rewarding part of a game: the story. “MIGHT & MYSTIC was born out of an idea to bring the NARRATIVE forward within a traditional role-playing game,” the description reads. It goes on to say that the game is intended to be used to bring those unfamiliar with RPGs in as well as veterans of the table:

“The creators also wanted to make the game easy to setup and learn for players of all ages and experience levels. The MIGHT & MYSTIC system is based upon a “fast-play” system utilizing standard six-sided dice. creators of MIGHT & MYSTIC have created an adventure game that will allow fans to create their own narratives and play within the many imaginative settings of Cathal Entertainment and its creative partners.”

It goes on to say that the game is “not a traditional RPG with heavy game mechanics that requires hours of study and months or even years to master…it is at its core a Narrative Adventure game, where players can adventure as pre-made or custom characters within an exciting story. Players help the story move forward and the game play is quick and fun. Most narratives can be completed within [sixty] mins or less.”

The game will include a new fantasy world that will serve as its core setting, which has been in development for over three years. Cathal worked closely with an unnamed existing RPG company, “who happens to be our creative partner.” The core rulebook is currently being finalized and prepared for editing.

As with all Kickstarters, there are multiple tiers of support you can offer with rewards. They range from $10, which will get you an anthology E-book set within the game’s universe, all the way up to $95 which gets you the full game, several adventures, additional character cards and more. If you just want the game itself, it is available at the $25 tier.

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