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Kid Uses Sleeping Mom’s Fingerprints To Buy Pokemon Gifts

December 28, 2016 | Posted by Joseph Lee

As kids are exposed to technology at younger ages, they’re getting smarter about how to operate it. In one particular case, a six-year-old The Wall Street Journal reports that a six-year-old used her mother’s phone to buy herself $250 worth of Pokemon gifts. This is the latest bit of ammunition for the Federal Trade Commission, who has received complaints accusing companies like Apple, Google and Amazon for making it too easy to kids to make in-app purchases. It’s cost the companies millions in settlements.

This latest case saw Ashlynd Howell of Arkansas access the app while her mother Bethany was sleeping. Even the security feature of using a thumbprint to open the phone was nothing for this kid. She just grabbed her mother’s thumb and pressed it to the phone while she slept on the couch. The purchases were made just days before Christmas. Her parents thought their Amazon account was hacked, but their daughter informed them she was “shopping.” She ended up buying thirteen Pokemon items. She also let them know that she got the shipping address right.

Bethany was only able to return four items. She told Ashlynd that Santa found out what she did and wouldn’t bring all of the presents.

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