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Killing Floor 2 Review (Xbox One)

September 2, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange
Killing Floor 2
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Killing Floor 2 Review (Xbox One)  

Killing Floor 2 has been around on PC and PS4 for over a year now, but finally lands on Xbox One with what may be a dull thump, considering the price on Steam and the fact it’s already been made available as a part of the Playstation Plus subscription. This is a huge shame and I can only hope that people don’t overlook this amazingly fun title, because this may be one of the most enjoyable online experiences I’ve had in years. Granted, there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but there’s just so much to take enjoyment from that Killing Floor 2 has taken over my gaming since I’ve started playing it.

The story, if you need to know- and I’ll be honest, you don’t- focuses around a biotech firm called Horzine, who have created an army of zombies (known as Zeds) which, shockingly, escaped the firm and spread over Europe. When will these Biotech companies ever learn? Anyway, the events of the first game saw the outbreak relatively contained, but in Killing Floor 2, things have become a lot worse, spreading as far as Paris, which is one of the biggest and most interesting levels in the game. While there aren’t any others that are obviously based in any major cities, all of the existing DLC is included in this release so there are 16 maps to choose from, with variety including laboratories, nuked cities and my personal favourite, a snowy outpost that becomes more and more bloody as you kill zombies.

Since I mentioned killing zombies, I’ll talk about that for a moment. If you hadn’t already guessed, that makes up the majority of what you’ll be doing with your time here. There are a number of different types of the ugly beasts to deal with, with little easy to kill spider type ones, the slow lumbering easy to kill ones, all the way up to the annoyingly tough fire chucking ones. There are comparisons that can be made with Left 4 Dead with some of them. There’s a “witch” type zombie who shrieks and charges at someone, a “charger” who runs at you and one like a hunter, although they tend to be cloaked. The end of each level sees you face off against a boss, although there are only two and these are seemingly random as to which you have to face.

There are two types of game mode, one pitting a team of humans against a team of player zombies, however by far the most fun is survival. This sees you join with up to 5 other players to conquer either 4 or 10 waves of zombies across one of the levels. You have a countdown number of Zeds attacking you, with every kill knocking one off the total. When that hits zero, you win the round. After the set number of waves, you fight the boss.

The graphics are decent enough, with the levels fairly small but well designed. The zombies don’t have a huge number of models but they all look good and explode in a very satisfying manner. The levels end up carpeted and wallpapered in blood and guts. The character customisation is fairly fun, but you can pick and choose your avatar and put them in a few different outfits. The soundtrack is heavy metal, with different tracks blasting throughout your slaughter. It reminded me a lot of the original Carmageddon, just blood, guts and riffs.

Killing Floor 2 is not big, it’s not clever and it most certainly is not sophisticated. That doesn’t stop it from being one of the most unapologetically fun games I’ve played in years. I’ve been absolutely hooked on levelling up my character and no matter how many things I could criticise, such as how money and weapons don’t transfer over after each match, or how when you die you can’t be revived, but I’m just far too interested in finishing this review and getting back to playing.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Killing Floor 2 is an absolute delight of a game. Everything is does wrong is so easily ignored because it's just too frantic for you to notice. A flawed masterpiece.

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