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Latest D&D Unearthed Arcana Adds New Cleric, Sorcerer & Bard Subclasses

February 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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The latest Unearthed Arcana is out for Dungeons & Dragons, offering new playtesting subclasses for the Cleric, Sorcerer, and Bard. Wizards of the Coast released the playtesting options on Thursday, which introduces the College of Creation, Unity Domain and Clockwork Soul.

The Bard College of Creation is a subclass built around the concept of the Song of Creation, which ties into the belief that the worlds were created through “esoteric harmonies that continue to resound through existence.” Creation Bards come from those who have done some planar hopping or had other experience with travelling through the D&D multiverse, either in a time or space capacity, and manipulate the Song of Creation to their ends. It’s a subclass that leans heavily into the arcane aspects of the class and presents abilities such as the Note of Potential, which adds a little extra to your Bardic Inspiration, and the ability to magically bring items to life in a manner somewhat similar to the animate object spell. At higher levels you can bring an item directly into being and maintain it with your performances.

Unity Clerics are those divine servants who serve gods dedicated to bringing communities together such as Forgotten Realms’ Eldath, Dragonlance’s Paladine, and Eberron’s Boldrei. Clerics of such deities who chose this domain gain spells aimed at protection, connection and empowerment in their domain spells like warding bond and sending. They gain the Channel Divinity feature of being able to take damage dealt to one person and distributing it among a number of willing creatures, sharing the burden of the pain. They can also create Emboldening Bonds between creatures that allow them to benefit from that connection in ways from bonuses to attack rolls when close to, at 17th level, enduring no matter how far away (as long as you’re on the same plane).

Finally, Sorcerers get the Clockwork Soul, a subclass that sets the character up as someone (or descended from someone) who found their way into the schemes of Primus, the godlike leader of the modrons from Mechanus, the plane of order. Empowered from those machinations, Clockwork Souls manifest strange phenomena when they cast their magic like spectral cogwheels or clockhands in their eyes. The magic reflect a connection to the plane of order; their expanded spell list includes spells like alarm and glyph of warding, and they have the ability to bring order to chaotic situations such as preventing a roll from being made with advantage or disadvantage. They can also protect people with shimmering shields of order. At 18th level, summon spirits of order to “restore balance” including hit point restoration, reparing damaged objects and ending spells up to sixth level.

Like all playtest material the College of Creation, Unity domain and Clockwork Soul are not fully balanced yet and will likely be refined through feedback before being made official; they cannot be used in Adventurer’s League games. You can check out the new subclasses here.

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