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League of Legends Rebrands North American Championship Series, Announces Changes For 2019

January 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
League of Legends LCS

Riot Games is changing things up for League of Legends’ Championship Series starting with the 2019 Spring Split. The company announced late last week that the NA LCS will be rebranded to simply be the LCS, and announced several other changes for LCS viewers that will kick off when the Spring Split begins on January 26th.

The first major change is a new site design and redirect to, which will serve as a resource for LoL fans with articles, announcements, team pages and more. This will separate it from, which will remain the place to watch live LCS games and VODs, plus view the schedule and standings. This allows Riot to make the Watch page optimized for viewing matches while still having an easy URL for the resource page. The new redirect also brings League of Legends and LCS content together, meaning that fans won’t have to go to a separate site to find information about champions and the like.

In addition, the new site will feature a ticket-buying system which will allow fans to buy tickets to the LCS Arena directly from the site. Tickets went on sale today for the Spring Split. A new merchandise site will be launched mid-February and teams wiuull have the option to sell additional team merchandise on the site as well.

Also newly-launched for the LCS is a new YouTube experience. Riot is splitting League of Legends’ eSports channel into two. The LoL eSports channel will feature live English broadcasts of the LCS as well as the League European Championship, Master Series, and Champions Korea. It will also include weekly studio shows and features from LCS and LEC, along with selected clips from live broadcasts. The LoL eSports VODs/Highlights Channel will feature English VODs of the LCS, LEC, LPL and LCK, along with LCS and LEC highlights. The intent is to make it a “a lot easier for you to know where to go on YouTube” to find content.

Finally, the announcement added that Watch Missions will be coming to the LCS Spring Split, which will allow fans to earn Icons, Emotes, XP and Blue Essence during the 2019 regular season by virtue of viewing live games or VODs on the Watch site. This benefit for watching games was introduced during the 2018 World Championship, and will make its return now with the regular season. You can find out more here.

The LCS kicks off its 2019 Spring on January 26th.