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Loot Corner: December Loot Crate, Loot Anime Review

January 11, 2017 | Posted by Adam Larck


Welcome back to Loot Corner. This month, we have a Revolution brewing in the Loot Crate, and Galaxy as the focus of Loot Anime.

Like always, you can sign up for Loot Crate or Loot Anime by clicking here. While Loot Crate is normally $13.95 a month and Loot Anime is $24.95 a month, if you use that link you’ll save $5 your first subscription.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the newest crates.


December Loot Crate – Revolution
 photo 88b30729-19b1-4032-a13c-199c0a765649_zpsnici2atm.jpg
With the end of the year crate comes an exclusive Pop Vinyl, something I was excited for as the Pops have been fairly limited this year.

The Pop comes from the Assassin’s Creed movie, and was a variant of Aguilar crouching. It’s a smaller normal-sized Vinyl because of the crouch, but looks pretty nice as one of the latest ones in that series, especially if you build the box up into a building to let him crouch on it.

Next up is the T-shirt from Mr. Robot. Featuring the mascot of the FSociety, the shirt is a great one for fans of the series. Plus, it’s a nice callback to the old Obey stickers that the image is based off of.

The smallest item, besides the Assassin’s Creed monthly pin, has to be the patch from Firefly. That’s right, you can now show your allegiance to the Independents by putting the patch on your bag or coat or wherever you may want to. For fans of the series, it’s a nice trinket to add to your collection.

Finally, we have the unique book Figure Fantasy. The hardcover book has photographer Daniel Picard showing Sideshow Collectible figures in different poses throughout the world. The images are humorous to see, and the book also features a foreword by Simon Pegg and afterword by Kevin Smith. Nice additions for those that would like the book.

This crate was all over the place, featuring something most everyone should enjoy. The book may be the oddest addition to the crate, but it was fun seeing the different locations and ideas that were created to put the figures in.


December Loot Anime – Galaxy
 photo IMG_3161_zpsyati7hbx.jpg
Galaxy has what may be the best plush I’ve received in a while, and something that can double as a great nightlight for people.

The plush comes from Cowboy Bebop and is, of course, Ein. The little Corgi looks great as a stuffed toy, and was loved by the whole family. If you have a little one, beware this disappearing into their room.

Next up was the Robotech LED lamp, the lamp is actually acrylic I believe, and shows half of the robot and half of the internal workings of it. Once you put it in a stand and plug the USB port in, you’ll have a red, blue, green or multicolored robot to enjoy as you game online.

For those that need bottle openers, we have the Sailor Moon “Moon Stick” opener. For those that may have started their anime love with this series, you can now have the Moon Stick for yourself, at least to open your favorite drink.

We end with a keychain and a charm this month. The charm is a Yume in space, while the keychain is from Space Patrol Luluco. The keychain is a blue jewel heart, caled an “aflutter jewel” in the series. It’s a series I don’t know much about to be honest, but it could be a good keychain for the girl in your life.

Overall, while we didn’t get a manga this month, it wasn’t a bad crate overall. The big LED lamp was a nice surprise, and the Ein plush was a big hit.

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