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Loot Corner: November Loot Crate, Loot Anime Review

December 12, 2016 | Posted by Adam Larck

Welcome back to Loot Corner. This month, we have Magic as the front piece of the Loot Crate, and Blade the focus of Loot Anime.

Like always, you can sign up for Loot Crate or Loot Anime by clicking here. While Loot Crate is normally $13.95 a month and Loot Anime is $24.95 a month, if you use that link you’ll save $5 your first subscription.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the newest crates.


November Loot Crate – Magical

 photo IMG_2872_zpstles0gnw.jpg

A few of the items this month actually tie in with recently released movies. For the shirt, we have an Obliviator recruitment shirt from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, complete with the symbol for the Magical Congress of the USA (M.A.C.U.S.A.). Like past shirts, it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t have much shrinkage.

Next up may be my favorite Q-Fig so far, the Doctor Strange figurine. It shows Strange mid-conjuration, and has some pretty nice detail. It looks right at home next to the Hulk Q-Fig from earlier this year.

A surprise for me was the Game of Thrones Journal, with the Red Woman and the quote “The night is dark and full of terrors.” The faux leather-bound journal looks great with the silver designs on the front and back. It’s a great book to carry to take notes in or jot down doodles on the go.

For comic fans, we have a Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York comic where Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) meets Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell). It’s the first of six comics of the crossover series.

Finally, the pin this month comes from Elder Scrolls online, Entering the code it comes with can help you redeem the Imperial edition of Elder Scrolls Online.

Overall, the Magical crate was loaded with some good quality items, including quite a few timely items. Another great box to have.

One thing to note with the December crate is that an exclusive Pop Vinyl figure will be featured this month.


November Loot Anime – Blade

 photo IMG_2875_zpsv9jzl7zh.jpg

The Blade crate may have some of my favorite items from the anime line so far. Let’s get into it shall we?

For the manga this month, we have Sword Art Online Progressive Vol. 1, a spinoff of the Sword Art Online anime. The Progressive series is a telling of the main series from the view of Asuna, instead of Kirito. It’s a smaller manga series, but the reflective variant cover is a great feature for collectors.

Next is my favorite item, and comfiest item, the Bleach lounge pants. Featuring Ichiro in Soul Reaper form, they cotton and relaxing, great for a night of gaming or just relaxing on the couch catching up on an anime.

A unique item I found impressive was the Berserk sword letter opener. It’s modeled after Guts’ sword, complete with chips in the blade. It also has some weight to it, which was nice. Plus, if you break the box down, it can become a sword stand the letter opener can rest in.

Another item I’d like to see more of was the Gintama Wall Scroll. I like some wall scrolls and, while I’m not a huge fan of Gintama, I thought the piece was nicely done and will hopefully lead to more later on. It measures 8 by 24 inches.

Overall, the set had a lot of great items this month. I really didn’t find a weak area like past crates. The Anime Crates seem to becoming more refined and offering better items for anime fans to fully enjoy.

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