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Loot Corner: September Loot Crate, Loot Anime Review

October 10, 2016 | Posted by Adam Larck


Welcome back to Loot Corner. This month, we have Speed being featured in the Loot Crate, while Loot Anime takes on the Demi-Humans.

Like always, you can sign up for Loot Crate or Loot Anime by clicking here. While Loot Crate is normally $13.95 a month and Loot Anime is $24.95 a month, if you use that link you’ll save $5 your first subscription.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the newest crates.

September Loot Crate – Speed

 photo IMG_2786_zpsd25tujee.jpg

While there may not be any Sonic the Hedgehog in here, this month’s Loot Crate is all about going fast with speed.

Besides the normal magazine and pin (appropriately, a tire), our monthly shirt this time comes from Marvel’s Iron Man, promoting the Stark Industries’ Stark Motor Racing team.

Farther up, we have the Flash hood ornament (a Green Arrow variant was also available). The detail on the silver figure is nice, and it looks good running up the side of my fridge, but I don’t trust the magnet enough to put it on my car going down the interstate.

For the Hot Wheels/miniature car collectors among us, there’s a die-cast car of “Eleanor” from Gone in 60 Seconds. The doors and hood opens up, and the model is actually pretty detailed.

Next, we have my favorite keychain in a while, the Batwing. This model is based off the 1989 movie and looks great. However, it does have a bit of weight to it, making it something better to display, not to have in your pocket.

Finally, we get to the Battlestar Galactica display, the “Scar” attack ship. Again, Titan Merchandise did a good job with details here, making it a fun piece to have on your shelf.

Overall, this month’s Crate had a good variety of items not just from comics, but from shows and movies as well. While I was a bit surprised about the Sonic snub, the team did a good job pulling a bit of something for everyone.


September Loot Anime – Demi-Humans

 photo IMG_2787_zpsbnzoi8g0.jpg

As soon as I heard a One-Punch Man item was included here, I was immediately interested. Considering it ended up being the first manga volume with a variant cover from the Japanese edition of the manga, I’m already pleased with the box. Let’s dive into the rest, though.

The shirt this time comes from Twin Star Exorcists, and features the two leads on the cover showing off their demonic limbs and weapons. It’s a good cover shirt for fans of the series.

On the left we have a Bleach watch. While I’m not impressed with the feel of the wristband or the hook it comes with, I did really enjoy the detail of the watch. Besides showing Ichigo going to Hollow form, a watch hand is actually the Zangetsu sword, a very nice touch that was added in.

The other unique piece this month comes from Tokyo Ghoul, which is another keychain set. The good thing about this one compared to past ones, though, is that these come with a stand to display, rather than only being available as keychains.

Finishing out this box is the standard poster with a breakdown of items on the back, and the Demi-Human phone charm in the shape of Yume’s (the mascot of the Loot Anime box) broken kitsune mask.

Overall, the box did a good job focusing on more recent animes/mangas that more people will know. The highlight was still the manga for me, but I felt that the watch was a nice touch too, if not for the watch face alone. I’m hoping next month, the box goes away from doing keychains, though, as those are becoming a bit stale after month after month of them.

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