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Magic: the Gathering Announces Details For 2019 Esports Plans

February 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Magic the Gathering

Wizards of the Coast is all in on its esports plans for Magic: The Gathering, announcing details on the 2019 Mythic Championships and 2019 Magic World Championship. The company announced the schedule for their Mythic Championships on Thursday, revealing that the Mythic Championships will begin qualifiers in April and run a series of events with a total prize pool of $3.75 million.

Magic will run qualifying events over the course of the year through local stores, tournaments, MagicFest, Magic Online and Magic the Gathering: Arena. The first kicks off this weekend in Cleveland, with the acknowledgement that their schedule is “still developing”:

Mythic Championship I: February 22–24 – Cleveland, Ohio – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship II: April 26–28 – London, England – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship III: June/July TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship IV: July 26–28 – Barcelona, Spain – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship V: August/September TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship VI: November 8–10 – Richmond, Virginia – Tabletop – $500,000 prize pool
Mythic Championship VII: November/December TBA – MTG Arena – $750,000 prize pool

Qualifiers for the tabletop Mythic Championships will be done by finishing highly in a Grand Prix tournament or Mythic Championship, or by winning a Mythic Championship Qualifier run by a WPN member store, a tournament organizer (TO), at a MagicFest, or on Magic Online. Cleveland and London qualifiers are already past.

Meanwhile, the challengers for the 2019 Magic World Championship will compete in December, with sixteen slots available. One is filled by last year’s winner, Javier Dominguez. The other slots will be filled by the winners of the seven Mythic Championships, the top four Magic Pro League players and the top four Challengers players, all based on Mythic Points. The prize pool for the 2019 World Championship is $1 million.

Wizards is pushing hard to get Magic: The Gathering as a player in the esports division, filling a niche that has never quite been truly filled despite the efforts of other CCGs. The launch of MTG Arena has facilitated that nicely, combining digital and physical gaming for an esport that that crosses both lines.

You can find out full details on qualifying at the link in the first paragraph, or here. WotC announced their esports program late last year.