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Manticore Games Launches Contest To Build D&D Games in Core With $20,000 Prizes

August 6, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Core D&D

Manticore Games is launching a contest, challenging D&D fans to build games and adventures in their Core platform for a potential $20,000 prize. The company announced the context on Thursday morning, which will challenge Dungeons & Dragons players to create games and adventures in four themes: strongholds, the wilderness, elemental planes, and the ever-present dungeons. The creations are to be made in Core, the new User Generated Content (UGC) platform that is currently in Open Alpha.

The contest will run through September 6th and all the games and explorable worlds created during the contest will be unveiled and be playable during a special PAX Online storytelling and gameplay panel. Jerry Holkins (Acquiusitions Inc.), Deborah Ann Woll (Relic & Rarities, Daredevil, True Blood) and more will reveal and play the winning creations and, per the announcement, “tell the tale of their most epic D&D adventures live from inside Core.” In addition, Manticore Games will be donating $100 for every contest entry, up to $10,000, to the Extra Life charity.

To assist contestants, Core has released a new D&D Contest Framework that includes weapons, NPCs, a level progression system, fantasy props, and a template dungeon to get people started. The UGC allows players and creators to collaborate and create explorable worlds connected through portals without any need for prior game development experience.

You can find more about the contest and Core at the official website and the blog announcing the contest, and check out the trailer below. To sign up for Core’s Open Alpha, you can visit and follow @CoreGames on Twitter. More details about the D&D PAX Online panel will be revealed soon.