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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Review (Xbox One)

September 21, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange
Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite
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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Review (Xbox One)  

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is the first truly new instalment for the series in a number of years, but unfortunately, it’s not one that will excite people in the same way as any of its predecessors. Despite a slightly updated graphics style and subtle changes to the gameplay, Infinite is a game that has the potential to disappoint fans of the series- and that doesn’t even include the ones who bought the collectors edition. Just you Google that when you’re finished here, or check back over the weekend for the Gaming Rs right here on 411.

Aside from the fact we’re now looking at two characters per team, the big change right out of the gates is the addition of Infinity stones. You have the option of choosing from 6 different stones to aid you in combat, which fills up in the same way a special meter would. You can use each stone in a different way, for example, the soul stone allows you to steal a little bit of your opponents health and add it to your own meter. Fully charged, it can even revive a fallen teammate. Thankfully, there is a wide tutorial mode so new and experienced players alike can get to grips with the new system. Different stones will suit different play-styles, so it makes sense to play around until you figure out which one suits.
Compared to previous entries in the series, however, I personally found it a little bit harder to build the huge combos the series is famous for. Changes to the tag mechanic work well, as you can use your teammate in all the usual ways, setting up even bigger combos for your team. Thankfully the tweaks do still work and the combo difficulty is likely to be lack of practice on my part as the controls and feeling of the moves are pretty flawless. Given there isn’t much more to worry about than the actual fighting, fans of the series both new and old will be able to jump right in and feel pretty good about their abilities. That, however, can’t be said for story mode, which doesn’t appear to have a difficulty setting. Therefore, there will be a point where some players may find it too hard, whilst others will find it frustratingly easy. It’s not worth me even moving to a new paragraph to cover the story mode as it’s standard “threat to the world” fare that you just might pay attention to between rounds.

The roster here is probably the most disappointing. While it will be padded out with DLC; with Black Panther and Sigma already confirmed; there are only 30 characters in the game. There are glaring omissions, as the licence for the X-Men has been lost, while fighters that appeared in MvC3 Ultimate have been left out. By comparison, that game had 50 characters by the time it was “complete” and I don’t expect that Infinite will increase by more than the 6 confirmed names. As much as I don’t miss Phoenix Wright, a few more options would have been nice. Not all of the characters are rendered especially well, either. The Street Fighter characters in particular look pretty bad in comparison to even Street Fighter 4, with it only being the bigger players on the Marvel side such as Iron Man and Spiderman looking particularly impressive.

The game has the standard modes for fighting games, with the story, a series of battles and missions alongside the online mode. In comparison to the likes of Tekken 7 and Injustice 2, this is where Infinite maybe falls a little bit short. With Injustice 2 adding the levelling system to characters to prompt you to continue playing, MvC is beginning to become a little bit repetitive already. The story mode features just too many issues with loading and a poor story to make it worth more than one run through. With a lot of competition at the moment in the genre, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite may have just been a little bit one note to really take them on head to head.

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There isn't much inherently wrong with MvC Infinite, but there it just feels a little bit empty compared to what I would have liked. The main thing is the fighting mechanic is solid and fun and that is just enough to save the game.