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Modiphius Games Announces Three New Conan RPG Print Releases

February 27, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Conan RPG

If you’re looking for Hyborian adventures on the high seas or the opportunity to chop up some snake cultists, the Conan RPG has good news for you. Modiphius Games has announced that three of their Conan RPG supplements are newly available in print in Conan the Pirate, Nameless Cults, and Ancient Ruins and Curses. All three books have thus far been available in PDF format, but as many roleplayers can tell you, scouring through a PDF mid-game to find information can be a nightmare sometimes, especially compared to having a print edition at your fingertips.

Conan the Pirate is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It covers all sorts of high seas hijinks as well as detailing “countries up and down the coast of the Western Sea — proud Zingara, wealthy Argos, the western reaches of Shem and Stygia, all the way down to fearsome Kush and the Black Kingdoms — as the setting for pirate-based campaigns.” It includes new archetypes, pirate-themed talents and backgrounds, gear, and new rules for piracy. And, of course, it includes “Conan described at the height of his pirate career, along with the crew of the Tigress.”

Conan: Nameless Cults is a GM’s guide and looks at the gods, cults and otherworldly entities in Hyboria. In addition to major gods like Crom, Bori, Set and Ishtar, the book delves into minor dieties and even the Old Ones of the Cthulhu mythos if you wish to take your campaign in that direction.

Finally, Ancient Ruins & Cursed Cities is a GM’s guide to dungeon delving in the Hyborian Age. The book includes several guides and suggestions for GMs taking their players into dark places in search of adventure, with descriptions of famous ruins from Conan’s adventures and new places inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard. And, of course, there are the requisite new rules, a system for generating your own ruins and the like.

You can find out more here.

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