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Monte Cook’s D&D Campaign Setting Ptolus Is Getting a 5E Update

February 23, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Monte Cook’s famed Ptolus campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons is getting a makeover for Fifth Edition. Monte Cook Games has launched a Kickstarer for Ptolus: Monte Cook’s City by the Spire, which seeks to bring the 2006 campaign setting into the latest edition of D&D with an enormous campaign book that will be compatible not only for 5e, but also for the Cypher System that Cook’s Numenera RPG is built off of.

Ptolus was based on the setting that Cook created for his home game and was, at the time, the largest RPG title ever produced by a single author at 672 pages. Based on D&D’s 3rd Edition, the book won the 2007 ENnie award for Product of the Year and introduced new races into the world of D&D for the purposes of the setting, including the seafaring Shoal elves, the twisted harrow elves, winged Cherubim elves and the leonine Litorians.

The new RPG promises to be as big (and quite possibly bigger) than the original setting book and, like it, is set in the titular city, described as “a city of mysteries, secrets, and dark histories.” Contributors who wish to receive the book can get a physical copy for at least $150 or a PDF for $40 or more. Additional reward levels package in the Cypher System Rulebook, the original 3e version of the campaign (with several related titles) and more.

You can contribute to the campaign here. With 25 days to go, it has already reached five times its funding with $400,796 as of this writing.