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Mutant: Year Zero RPG Releases Third Expansion in Mutant: Elysium

August 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mutant: Elysium

The third expansion for Modiphius’ Mutant: Year Zero RPG has launched, Mutant: Elysium, which brings non-mutant humans to the game. Modiphius Entertainment announced over the weekend that the Mutant: Elysium corebook, game map, and custom card deck are now available on as part of the Mutant: Year Zero collection.

The new expansion can be played as part of the main roleplaying game or as an entirely standalone game. It is set within the M:YZ world, a post-apocalyptic setting in when mutated humans — The People — are trying to survive in a world of chaos. Elysium introduces the titular covenant, formed by the powerful industrial and financial dynasties after mankind has fallen. They have built an enclave called Elysium I deep below in order to weather the atomic winter.

As the synopsis for the expansion puts it:

Now, generations later, Elysium I is a gilded prison, a lonely outpost in a sea of quiet destruction. Fear and suspicion grow unchecked, and the four Houses fight on each other over the dwindling resources that remain. A force of Judicators has been established to preserve law and order in the enclave.

You are one of these judicators. It is your duty to investigate all crimes, but never forget that your strongest loyalty is always towards your family. When humanity sets foot on the surface again, it shall be your House that leads the way into the new dawn.

Elysium introduces non-mutant humans as a playable class in the game and includes rules for creating and playing these enclave humans, as well as a full setting layout for Elysium I and a campaign, called “Guardians of the Fall” that will settle the final fate of the enclave.

You can get the book now at Modiphius’ website in either print or PDF formats.

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