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Netmarble US President On the Possibility of Future King of Fighters/WWE Collaborations, Future of Cloud Gaming

June 26, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE King of Fighters

Netmarble US president Simon Sim discussed the company’s collaboration with WWE for their King of Fighters event and the possibility of more such teamings in the future for a new interview. As previously reported, the developer — known for games like Marvel: Future Fight, Dragon Ball Online, and Star Wars: Force Arena — teamed up with WWE for an event in King of Fighters that brought WWE Superstars such as The Rock, The Undertaker, Becky Lynch, and others into the game.

You can see highlights from the interview with Flickering Myth below:

On whether cloud gaming can compete with the mobile gaming market: “We have watched player trends and the mobile gamer base continues to grow. We are seeing “non-gamers” begin to find games they enjoy. We saw this with the launch of BTS WORLD last year and see a similar trend with the recent WWE collaboration and The King of Fighters ALLSTAR. Our mobile devices are more accessible so we believe it will continue to grow. Cloud gaming is a newer trend we are observing and could change or adjust player behavior. We aim for high-fidelity graphics and ask for more time from players and as the mobile gamer base grows the higher the expectation. We were already started seeing cross-platform play with PC emulators. With the introduction of cloud-based gaming, we believe it could provide gamers with more seamlessly.”

On the possibility of future collaborations between WWE and Netmarble: “Netmarble is always looking for new ways to bring fun to our existing players and expand the fanbase of not only our titles but expand the mobile games industry. We found an innovative way to bring The King of Fighters ALLSTAR franchise to new players and those who were familiar with the games. With WWE we want to bring that same fun to the WWE audience, and it was an exciting partnership. We paid particular attention to the character molding and movements to ensure an authentic experience for the WWE fans. The WWE event may be complete, but we are always open to working with our great partners again.”