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New Paizo Blog Previews Pathfinder Second Edition

June 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Pathfinder Second Edition

The long-awaited second edition of Pathfinder is almost here, and Paizo has released a new preview for the game. The RPG company posted a new blog entry on Monday taking a look at the updated ruleset, as well as what players and GMs who love the first edition of the game can expect from round two.

In the preview, game design director Jason Bulmahn says that “At its heart, Pathfinder Second Edition is the same type of game as first edition.” He notes that the focus in creating a new edition was to make sure the mechanics were “easy to understand and interpret, both for players and Game Masters! And while we made sure that creating and advancing your character was a clean and intuitive as it could be, we also ensured that the game allowed your choices—your vision for your character—to truly matter.”

The preview doesn’t go in depth on the changes, many of which players who took part in the Pathfinder Playtest that ran for several months will likely already have some idea of. Instead, Bulmahn gives some high-level overviews that players new to Pathfinder and longtime players can likely find value in, such as an overview of proficiency’s importance in Second Edition, the basics of action economy in combat, how players chart the courses of their character’s advancement path and more.

The preview notes that more information will be coming out over the next several weeks, with next week’s blog looking at the steps you make when levelling up your character. Pathfinder Second Edition is set to launch on August 1st.

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