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New Xbox One Update Includes New Dashboard And More

March 30, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Gamerant reports that Microsoft has released a new major update for the Xbox One that makes several changes to the console. This includes a “complete overhaul” of the dashboard, which is said to be “sleeker” and simpler. The goal is to improve how the dashboard works so players can get the content they want as quickly as possible. This also means a change to the Guide button, with an overlay menu for fast access to different console features instead of making the player go back to the home screen.

Another change allows players to use the Beam streaming service in addition to Twitch. The service will also be available on Windows 10 at a later time. It’s possible that Microsoft uses Beam for Project Scorpio, which rumored to stream in 4K. Players also have a new way to view achievements while playing games. This used to be achieved with the Snap feature, but now they have an achievement tracker tool. This allows players to select multiple achievements to track at any time, which appear on screen as they play. This lets them keep an eye on how close they are to hitting the achievement.

It also adds a copilot feature, which lets players have two controllers control the same character to help people play games together. Finally, there is a new screen time limits feature, which increases parental control and allows them to set just how many hours their kids are allowed to play the Xbox One each day.

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