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Overwatch Announces Doomfist as Next Hero, Now on PTR

July 6, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

At long last, Overwatch is adding one of its most anticipated heroes to the roster. Blizzard announced on Thursday that Doomfist is the new hero and is now on the Public Test Region, bringing the total number of available heroes in their popular multiplayer first-person shooter to twenty-five.

Doomfist has been a part of Overwatch lore since the first trailer, in which his gauntlet was seen hanging in the Overwatch museum and was the target of an attempted heist by Reaper and Widowmaker. He is a “generational” hero, with the name following the gauntlet as it has passed to at least two other characters. The first Doomfist was a hero, but the current character who holds the gauntlet — whose real name is Akande Ogundimu — is a villain, having been trained by the second Doomfist and rising through the ranks of the terrorist organization known as Talon. Akanda actually killed his mentor and took on the identity, rising to become one of the organization’s leaders along with Reaper. He had been captured by Winston, Tracer and Genji but was freed in a “recent raid” by Talon and has resumed his place in Talon’s inner council. His voice actor is Sahr Ngaujah (and not Terry Crews, as many hoped), a Braodway actor with roles in films like Money Monster and TV shows like Blindspot.

In terms of gameplay, Doomfist is a highly mobile melee Offense character. His primary fire is a short-burst hand-cannon, but his main weapon is in his alternate fire, the gauntlet. Doomfist can charge enemies with a Rocket Punch that knocks an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they impact a wall. He also has a rising uppercut that blends well with his “Seismic Slam” which knocks nearby enemies toward him. His Ultimate Ability is known as Meteor Strike and creates a movable target on the ground that you can position and release to allow massive damage to those in the range.

In addition, to protect himself in all of his melee work (being a non-tank, he has less health at 250), when he deals damage from his ability he builds a personal shield. This won’t be enough to allow him to destroy everything in his path, but gives him survivablity similar to Reaper’s health leeching passive. He will likely be a big player in the “Dive meta” that is popular in competitive and will give aggressive Reinhardt players something to have fun with, but he is not overpowered and those who have mobility killing abilities like Sombra’s hacks, Mei’s freezing and Orisa’s Halt will be able to counter him effectively.

You can see his origin story video and the Developer Diary below, along with a Highlight video from my own quick run with him earlier today. Doomfiust is currently on the PTR; while his full release does not have a confirmed date, it should happen in the next few weeks if past examples are any indication.

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