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Overwatch Introduces Lunar Colony Map in New PTR Patch

May 31, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Blizzard’s Overwatch team never takes much time to rest on their laurels. With the Anniversary Event still in full swing, the game added a new map and balance changes for a few heroes to the Public Test Region.

The new map is currently available on the PTR (via PC only) and is the Horizon Lunar Colony — better known to Overwatch fans as Winston’s home. The base was the research station on the moon where Winston and other apes were experimented on by human scientists. As the lore goes, the test subjects with the exception of Winston eventually revolted and destroyed everyone, which spurred gorilla scientist to leave and head to Earth where he became part of Overwatch.

The map is an Assault (2 Control Point) map with a mix of platforms that allow players to get some high ground if need be, with flanking options on the second point. The map is also lore-heavy, including Winston’s old room and other such bits of scenery. There is also an airlock near Capture Point A that allows heroes to go outside of the base and experience low gravity; Jeff Kaplan said in the Developer’s Diary (as you can see below) that the entire map was originally low-grav but that it felt too gimmicky.

In addition, the PTR has made some balance changes to heroes (in addition to all of the usual bugfixes). The most signficant change is to Reaper, whose health regain dynamic has been reworked completely. No longer will he pick up health globes of fallen enemies to gain health; instead, he regains 20% of the damage he does to heroes. This will help him in a big way in battling tanks, not to mention making his Death Blossom ultimate far more useful. In addition, McCree’s Deadeye Ultimate now has a huge buff, with only 0.2 seconds to begin locking onto targets (down from 0.8) and the damage delt in the first second increasing from 20 to 80 HP.

Finally, Roadhog has received some changes that keep his DPS the same, but balance out his burst damage. His Scrap Gun damage has been nerfed by 33%, but the fire rate increased by 30% and the clip size increased by one. This reduces the overpowered Hook combo into something potentially more survivable for squishy characters. In addition, his head hitbox has been dropped by 20% to bring it in line with other characters his size, which will increase his survivability.

You can see the Lunar Colony teaser and Developer Update below. There’s no word on when the patch will go to live servers, but past patterns would suggest a week or two (likely right after the Anniversary Event ends on June 12th)

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