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Overwatch League Cancels Remaining Homestands, Goes Fully Online

March 31, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Overwatch League Baptiste Paris

Following its return this past weekend via online play, the Overwatch League is sticking with that plan through the rest of 2020 and cancelling the rest of their season three Homestands. The OWL announced on Tuesday that they will shift the remaining weeks of their 2020 season to online play and broadcast while announcing their schedule for the next two weeks.

Homestands were a huge part of the Overwatch League’s plans for 2020, a season that was intended to see its localized teams travel to their home cities to host games. The current health crisis, however, hampered the plan from the start by forcing the cancellation of homestands in China and South Korea. As the pandemic spread, the remaining Homestands were shut down which prompted the move to online play.

Online play represents a host of challenges for the league in terms of maintaining competitive integrity, something that Activsion Blizzard has been making sure to maintain. Overwatch League VP Jon Spector said last week that “we have structured competition based on team and player locations and tested different server locations extensively and are installing many other safeguards including software running on every PC.”

The announcement added that the league will continue releasing future match schedules as they’re available and will release details about their playoff and Grand Finals plans at a later time. It added:

The Overwatch League was built to deliver season after season of live, city-based events in front of our amazing fans. While we are collectively facing an incredibly challenging time, we hope to get back to live events before 2020 season concludes, and we are working hand-in-hand with all our teams to make this happen as soon as it’s safe and logistically feasible.

In the meantime, the schedules for the next two weeks are as follows:

Saturday, April 4

* 1 AM PT: Shanghai Dragons (1-1) vs. Huangzhou Spark (1-1)
* 3 AM PT: Chengdu Hunters (1-1) vs. Guangzhou Charge (1-1)
* 1 PM PT: Toronto Defiant (2-4) vs. Washington Justice (2-4)
* 3 PM PT: Los Angeles Gladiators (1-2) vs. Dallas Fuel (0-2)
* 5 PM PT: Los Angeles Valiant (2-2) vs. San Francisco Shock (1-2)

Saturday, April 5

* 1 AM PT: Chengdu Hunters (1-1) vs. Shanghai Dragons (1-1)
* 3 AM PT: Guangzhou Charge (1-1) vs. Huangzhou Spark (1-1)
* 1 PM PT: Houston Outlaws (2-5) vs. Paris Eternal (4-2)
* 3 PM PT: Philadelphia Fusion (5-1) vs. Washington Justice (2-4)
* 5 PM PT: Dallas Fuel (0-2) vs. Los Angeles Valiant (2-2)

Saturday, April 11

* 1 AM PT: Huangzhou Spark (1-1) vs. Chengdu Hunters (1-1)
* 3 AM PT: Vancouver Titans (2-0) vs. Guangzhou Charge (1-1)
* 1 PM PT: Philadelphia Fusion (5-1) vs. Paris Eternal (4-2)
* 3 PM PT: Houston Outlaws (2-5) vs. Boston Uprising (1-5)
* 5 PM PT: Washington Justice (2-4) vs. Dallas Fuel (0-2)

Saturday, April 12

* 1 AM PT: Chengdu Hunters (1-1) vs. Vancouver Titans (2-0)
* 3 AM PT: Shanghai Dragons (1-1) vs. Guangzhou Charge (1-1)
* 1 PM PT: Houston Outlaws (2-5) vs. Toronto Defiant (2-4)
* 3 PM PT: Philadelphia Fusion (5-1) vs. Atlanta Reign (3-1)
* 5 PM PT: San Francisco Shock (1-2) vs. Los Angeles Gladiators (1-2)

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