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Overwatch Reveals New Paris Assault Map

January 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Overwatch Paris Map

Overwatch is heading to Paris in time for Valentine’s Day…or close to it, at least. Blizzard has unveiled a new map for their multiplayer FPS game, which will be an Assault map set in Paris. The map is currently available on the Public Test Realm, and you can see screenshots from the map below.

On Parisz, defenders start off on a mansion and move through the windy streets of the city to get to the first defense point. That point is positioned next to the Seine, which is a perfect location for heroes like Pharah, Wrecking Ball, Junkrat and Lucio toii get environmental kills by knocking the enemy off the map. The control point is also vbery open, with a lot of sight lines and open air that will make Widowmaker vs. Pharah duels fairly exciting.

Once that point is won by Attackers, the action moves back into the defenders’ mansion where battle takes place in a large, skylit room just inside the house. The quick respawn will of course favor defense as second points always do, but the quickest way onto the point is through a fairly narrow door that attackers can focus down. There will be some definite strategies unveiled in short order — probably in time for the map to hit the live servers.

There is no ETA on when the map will be released. The last map, Busan, took about three weeks to add. That said, considering Overwatch has expressed a commitment to keeping the Overwatch League patches and live patches as in synch as possible, it could release sooner (OWL season two starts February 14th) or later to accomodate this.

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