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Overwatch’s Newest Hero is Baptiste

February 27, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Overwatch Baptiste

Overwatch has revealed its thirtieth hero, and his name is Baptiste. Following a video teasing his origin on Monday, Baptiste was fully announced on Tuesday. The new addition to the game’s support lineup is now available on the PTR, and appears to have the potential to really change up the game’s compositional metas.

The Lore

Baptiste is a combat medic from Haiti who is also a former operative of Talon, Overwatch’s villainous organization that is home to characters like Reaper, Widowmaker and Doomfist. (And Sombra, but does anyone believe she’s fully on Talon’s side?) Having been orphaned by the Omnic crisis and with with limited opportunities and resources, Baptiste enlisted in the military and joined a pan-island force known as the Caribbean Colation. After his time with the Coalition was complete, he had problems finding a demand for his skills and ended up falling in with Talon, “one of the many organizations that were poised to profit off the chaos in the war’s aftermath.”

While things there were good initially, the brutality of his units orders escalated and he abandoned Talon in disgust. He is now wanted by the Organization and “works toward a better world, healing where he can and fighting when he must.”

The Hero

In game, Baptiste fulfills what looks to be more or less a mid-range healer role. His primary fire is a semi-automatic rifle (sorry, “Biotic Launcher”) that does three-round bursts with significant damage and falloff after about twenty meters. His secondary fire is a fairly strong strong heal grenade with a three meter area of effect. Of important note: it does not heal Baptiste himself. For that, his Left Shift function is a Regenerative Burst that does 30 healing per second for five seconds, that will also heal alliles within ten meters.

His most talked-about ability so far, by far, is his Immortality Field. The field extends six meters in radius from a projector and prevents any ally in that range from going below 20%. It lasts eight seconds but can also be blown up, and has a length twenty second cooldown. The possibilities here are endless: invulnerable Bastions or Widows, resilience while defending/attacking a point, stalling, and so on. And his ultimate is an Amplification Matrix, creating a medium-sized field that boosts damage and healing for Baptiste’s allies when shot through. Enemy tanks go down quicker, while yours are healed up much easier. But you have to be careful with your positioning of it because the heals/damage have to pass through the field.

Baptiste has a lot of potential to change up the meta. There’s a lot of debatg in terms of how that will happen; Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman says he’s better against the current three support/three tank “GOATS” meta than as part of it, but some are skeptical considering his strength as a healer. Healers have always been defining parts of compositional metas, so he’ll definitely enforce a change somehow.

Baptiste is on the PTR now, with a release to live servers coming in the near (but undefined) future. You can see some pics and his origin story video below.

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