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Path of Exile: Incursion League Preview

May 11, 2018 | Posted by Adam Larck
Path of Exile: Incursion League

June’s update for Path of Exile is uncovering the lost Temple of Atzoatl, which should give longtime fans of the game plenty to explore.

The temple is part of the Incursion League update, which will also feature plenty of new items and gems to collect, as well as a revamp of skills.

First, let’s talk about the Temple of Atzoatl. The temple was built during the Vaal Empire and long forgotten, but Alva will lead you on 11 Temporal Incursions to try and find the location of Atzoatl.

During the Incursions, you will open portals that let you travel to the past during the temple’s construction. It’s here that you can influence modern day events.

In the past, you start out with 10 seconds to kill as many enemies as possible. Killing larger enemies can give you a few seconds more time to try and wipe everything out. Don’t worry about loot; a bar fills up during your rampage and drops all the loot at your feet when the Infusion is over.

However, while taking down enemies, you’re also trying to affect the rooms in the present day. By finding keys and unlocking doors, you can unlock paths needed for your final temple run through the ruins. Plus, by finding and killing Vaal Architects, you can influence the rooms in the present.

Each room starts as something, such as a Foundry, Storm Chamber, etc. In the past, there will be two Vaal Architects; one that wants to promote the room a level, and one that wants to change the room type. By killing one or the other, you can either advance a room rank, which may give better loot, or change the room type and try advancing that room with another Incursion.

For example, let’s say there’s a Poison Garden room that appears. At level one, there may be a plant here or there, but by level three poison plants will be everywhere that can deal large poison damage. Plus, the poison will linger around in the modern day, making your final run harder as well. So, many people may want to just change the room and move on by killing the architect.

However, by advancing the room to its max level, a player can find a rare shield called Apep’s Slumber that will give plenty of benefits while you’re poisoned. Plus, the shield can be upgraded even more in another room that can complement it, although which room that would be wasn’t given.

After completing all the Incursions, the present-day temple is finally found, letting you run through all the rooms you’ve unlocked, see what you upgraded or changed and (hopefully) get to the boss room to take out the final boss for plenty of loot.

Another great point to note is that you can access a new temple in every act, so a main storyline run can net you 10 full temple runs. Each time, you can change and influence how the temple looks, so each run should be different from the others.

To go along with the Vaal temple, the Vaal Skills are being revamped. The ultimate abilities they provide by killing monsters will still be there (although their cost has been reduced), but now the skills will grant the non-Vaal equivalent skill attached to the same support gems. Plus, many of the skills have been buffed, and six new skills have been added as well.

Overall, Grinding Gear expects Vaal Skills to go from a gimmick skill used to one that’s used in many main character builds.

Another revamp comes for trapper characters. The traps have all been revamped, and five new ones have been added that can be activated much quicker, similar to grenades. This is going to make trappers much more dangerous and a more active attacker, instead of hiding behind corners trying to bait.

Finally, a handful of existing skills from the original game and earlier expansions are getting updates to make them more useful today. Those skills getting updated are Incinerate, Rain of Arrows, Infernal Blow, Cold Snap, Charged Dash, Double Strike, Lacerate, Ground Slam, Power Siphon and more.

Incursion will be released on June 1for PC and within a week of that date for Xbox One.

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