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[PODCAST] 5th Edition D&D Actual Play – Eberron: Heirs of Destiny 14

May 19, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

Welcome back to our Eberron D%D Fifth Edition actual play podcast! We’re actually close to on time this week so without further ado, let’s jump to it.

Getting us caught up, our little fantasy-era Young Avengers team had been caught up in a plot involving Draconic Prophecy that seemed to center on them. While working for Lady Eladyren d’Vown of House Cannith in Sharn, the party uncovered a piece of a magical pattern known as a schema and ran afoul of a group known as the Order of the Emerald Claw, a group of Karnnathi nationalists who have a connection of some kind to the Blood of Vol.

Edwin uncovered a book with detailed information about all the party and revealed that someone was trying to tie them to a set of Draconic prophecies. Awkwardness involving the reveal of such details went down and some yelling happened, which as for the moment at least been resolved…ish. Endeavoring to get out of the city and off the hot seat of sorts, the group was hired by Elaydren to seek out the other pieces of the schema. The first step on that was the Library at Korranberg in the gnomish nation of Zilargo, where a member of the Dragonmarked House Thuranni named Ilmari provided them with a way to distract the guards so they can sneak off with an old Cannith ledger that Elaydren didn’t want the gnomes being aware of.

Elaydren got the group passage on a lightning rail headed from Sharn to Korranber which they boarded, getting first class passage. And with that, they were off to the city of Korranberg and whatever may await them there. But before we get there, the party finds that not everything on the lightning rail is smooth ridings. Who’s ready to fall off a train?