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[PODCAST] 5th Edition D&D Actual Play – Eberron: Heirs of Destiny 17

June 11, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

Welcome back to Eberron: Heirs of Destiny! I am your host and DM, Jeremy Thomas, taking you on another adventure through the world of Keith Baker’s Eberron!

So just to bring everyone up to speed, our group of young protagonists were out on an expedition to uncover pieces of a schema from a series of ancient House Cannith sites for Lady Elaydren d’Vown, a Cannith member located in Sharn. They were also trying in various degrees to figure out how they were connected to a Draconic Prophecy, which apparently had something to do with Seth having a long-lost Dragonmark. This led to Branma being inflicted with a dream in which she saw an elven woman with a much larger version of the same Dragonmark as Seth killing a giant black dragon at some point far in the past, sucking his life essence out and storing it in a stone of some kind.

After taking some time to discuss what the dream may have been about, the group made their way across the border into Darguun where they entered the Torlaac Moore, an expanse of blasted heath and stone. Following directions of sorts that Alexandra had discovered in a ledger in the Library of Korranberg. Making their way to the site, they found themselves assaulted by a group of creatures from the Fire Elemental plane and put them down. And that is where we left off.