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[PODCAST] Critical Thinking 07 – The Throne Room

March 6, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

Here we are again, another article, another week that I posted up the article late.

Still, at least this time there was a good reason – I was at a bachelor’s party last Friday at the time that I normally write these articles – I was the best man over the weekend at my best friend’s wedding, so obligations had to take precedence you understand.

We couldn’t have let that man go to his wedding not hungover, after all.

Anyways, this week we talk quite a bit about the narrative purpose of tactical combat, versus narrative combat, and how we feel regarding both. I break out my age old grudge against theatre directors who spend less time than is necessary on combat scenes, and in general we have a good time and come in at our originally estimated time goal of just under an hour! Huzzah!