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[PODCAST] D&D 5e Actual Play: Eberron – Heirs of Destiny 08

March 30, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Welcome back to Eberron: Heirs of Destiny! I’m the DM for this actual play D&D podcast (and 411 editor) Jeremy Thomas, and this week we were without the characters Kira and Alex as their players were otherwise disposed. The four that remained, however, had plenty in order to keep them busy and made the most of their time.

So to bring everyone up to speed if you’re just joining us, after having retrieved a magical schema for Elaydren d’Vown of House Cannith, our party of would-be heroes found themselves seeking some answers about themselves and what they’d discovered down in the bowels of Sharn. Seth had spoken with a rather eccentric wizard with attention issues named Perandon and learned he had sorcerous abilities, while Alex had spoken with Elaydren and learned some of the details behind her new companion: an Iron Defender construct she had named Arthur. Returning back to the Cracked Mirror, the inn run by the urchins’ mentor Zaz that has served as their sort of home base, Seth learned that a contract had been put out on Elaydren’s life.

With a series of warforged attacks on the way down into the ancient foundry providing the group with cause for concern, Seth had an idea to contact House Tarkanen, a group of abberant Dragonmarked assassins who were carrying out the contract. Heading into the district of Deathsgate after a meeting was set up by Zaz, the trio of Seth, Edwin and Branma met with a blind individual named Hevet Tarkanen in a tavern under the pretense of doing work for the House. That wasn’t entirely successful and the party regrouped outside, heading home. As they turned a corner heading toward a lift for another meeting with Elaydren, three individuals appeared and one of them was the bartender at the tavern they’d just left, who told them that they weren’t going to make that meeting.

This week, the group finds themselves facing down the invididuals in a clash in the streets of the Deathsgate district and, once that’s over, try to get some answers as to why Elaydren (and they) are being targeted. Moral flexibility ensues and following a conversation, the party may be facing the prospect of heading off to Sharn’s City of the Dead to speak with a mysterious individual without their usual dose of deific assistance. Anyone got heals?