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[PODCAST] D&D 5e Actual Play – Gran Terra Adventures 49

February 21, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

This week we actually have a Gran Terra episode! Well, most of one.

Our recording software is still having an issue, but we’ve discovered what that issue was and the dev behind the software is working to fix it. The quick and dirty; Our software is a recording bot situated in our Discord channel, and this bot is used by a lot of people. At some point, some wires got crossed, and when someone else using the bot told it to leave their recording session – it left the recording session for three other groups as well. Then, after we got him back in he stopped recording about an hour after – apparently in connection with that same glitch from earlier.

The dev behind the software is working on it and hopefully next week we’ll have a full recording.

In a separate issue, we didn’t have a Vampire game this week because everyone was away! We’ll be back with more Vampire next week.

So enjoy Gran Terra Adventures!