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[PODCAST] D&D 5e Actual Play: Gran Terra Adventures 50

February 27, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

50 episodes of Gran Terra Adventures. Wow.

50 is one of those numbers that you don’t realize is large, until you’ve done that many 3 hour podcasts in the past year. This has been a pretty fun campaign, and I don’t think it’s spoilers (If you’ve been following the series) to say that this is the finale episode. We’ve had a good run, but all stories must eventually end and we’re all pretty satisfied with the way this one ends – I hope you guys are too.

Next week, this crew will be going into a Starcraft RPG campaign – using the fan-made free Starcraft RPG system created by Leovaunt that I’ll talk about more next week. You can find the materials we’re using over at his website if you’re so inclined.

So please enjoy the finale of Gran Terra Adventures!