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[PODCAST] Starcraft RPG Actual Play: Taskforce Echo 01

March 6, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

So, from here on out some of these articles are going to be written by other members of Final Show Films. I’ll still be posting them up, but you’ll get to hear a bit from the rest of our crew. Just putting this forward out so you aren’t confused by the different names in the articles. Enjoy.


Greetings, fellow Terrans.

William here to introduce you to the first episode of Taskforce Echo, a Starcraft RPG campaign of my own devising. I was sick during this recording, so please forgive the constant raspy voice and occasional cough, I promise it’ll be better next time. I built this campaign using the Starcraft RPG unofficial fan-made ruleset by Leovaunt over at Leovaunt Game Design. It’s a nice, robust little system that really captures the universe that many of us love so much and brings it to the tabletop.

I invite you to follow along with us as this team of ‘professionals’ tries to do their best to keep the peace in a galaxy that has seen more than its fair share of conflict over the years. In this first episode we are introduced to our crew; the eponymous Taskforce Echo. Gathered together by the powers that be to serve the greater good, their task will be to stop the evil forces of the galaxy from breaking apart the fragile peace that has settled onto the Koprulu sector. Well, eventually. First they have to get off the ground.

Happy hunting,
William Bates