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[PODCAST] Starcraft RPG Actual Play: Taskforce Echo 05

April 4, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

Greetings Terrans,

Welcome back to another installment of Taskforce Echo. We come back to our group as they return to drop off Egon Stettman to be rehabilitated at Unity Station. From there, their destination is the Dominion capital world of Korhal, where their information leads them to believe the Sons of Creation may have a secret base of operations. Once there, they will have to not only find a way to locate the Sons of Creation in the massive world-spanning cityscape that makes up Korhal, but also figure out how to deal with transporting their zerg squadmate without inciting a panic. It’s going to be an interesting ride, and everything is not as it seems in this episode.

Good Hunting,
William AKA ShadowChorus