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[Podcast] Warcraft RPG Actual Play: The Price of War 06

January 10, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

Hello, it’s me again – seems like we just keep running into each other.

Yeah, we do a lot of production over here so expect multiple updates from me throughout the week.

So, do you like Warcraft? Are you familiar with it at all? Well, way back in 2003 a publisher by the name of Sword & Sorcery studios released a campaign book for Dungeons & Dragons’ 3.5 Open Gaming License that let players take their 3.5e games into the Warcraft universe. Then, two years later, White Wolf Publishing – the owners of Sword & Sorcery and best known for the World of Darkness systems – released the 2nd Edition core rules for the Warcraft RPG, taking the original 3.5 conversion module and heavily modifying it to create something that stood apart from 3.5 D&D, and incorporated the brand new (at the time) World of Warcraft setting. Over the years they released several additional splatbooks to expand upon the system; the Alliance and Horde players guides, More Magic & Mayhem, Lands of Mystery, and Dark Factions – just to name a few – each of which added new races, classes, features, spells, just like any 3.5 splatbook did.

Well, a few years back – before we ever thought we’d be doing an Actual Play series of it – a group of friends and I found these books and started playing. We fell in love with the system, and those of us that weren’t already fell in love with the setting, and we’ve been playing it ever since. The first Actual Play series we ever did was a very low quality recording of us playing Warcraft RPG. This is a continuation of that story – we ended the previous campaign last year, took a break, and came back fresh with The Price of War.

This campaign revolves around a neutral city, called Sanctuary, established in Northrend in the events of the previous campaign. Sanctuary is a city built by people trying to keep out of the conflicts between the Alliance and Horde, but have in the process found themselves under the looming threat of the Lich King Arthas and his Scourge. This particular episode picks up as the Heroes of Sanctuary defend it against Death Knight onslaught, Worgen incursion, and the deadly threat that is the Lich Kel’Thuzad. This normally updates on Thursday, and there will be another episode going up this coming Thursday, so you folks get the treat of having two episodes this week.

As with everything else we do, you can find the backlog here, at Podbean.