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[PODCAST] Warcraft RPG Actual Play: The Price of War 11

March 10, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

We’re still working out our audio issues with this one, but I think we’ve hit a decent quality level for now – until we can get into a more echo-friendly location with this one.

So even though we’re in the middle of this campaign – which is in itself a continuation of the former A Simpler Life campaign – we’re still prepping for what’s next. After we finish up The Price of War, look forward to a campaign in the Deadlands Hunter Society setting that I created for a couple of one shots – a modern D&D setting allowing for interesting stories and unusual settings. After that, we’re going to be heading back to Warcraft but with a twist.

William and I are currently in the process of updating a homebrew Warcraft RPG 5th ed conversion mod, making it more balanced and in line with what we’re looking to do, so when we come back to Warcraft it’ll be using the 5th edition D&D rules instead of the 3.5 rules we’re using now. Should be interesting.

Anyways, please enjoy!