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[PODCAST] Warcraft RPG Actual Play: The Price of War 16

May 2, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

This week we continue the assault on the frozen stronghold of Icecrown, in our effort to destroy the Lich King. We also had some issues with our audio (Per usual, it seems) and had to switch microphones pretty early on in the recording, so we apologize for the sudden change in audio quality – well, for all of the changes we’ve gone through on this one really.

After all, with any endeavors you undertake you should be prepared to deal with random unexpected issues. We’ve gone through four different types of mic setups with this, each one promising better quality but then running into it’s own share of issues. Eventually we’ll come across a setup that works perfectly! But until that point, we keep trying.

Relatedly; we are going to be setting up a streaming studio in the next month or so, so this podcast slot will eventually be a livestream as well. Fun times!