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Professor Humbert Drumsley 5E D&D Adventure Codex Launched On Kickstarter

January 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Professor Humbert Drumsley 5E D&D Adventure Codex

A new 5E D&D adventure supplement, the Professor Humbert Drumsley Adventure Codex, looks to offer aid to DMs who are short on ideas for a session. The Adventure Codex’s Kickstarter launched on Monday, offering a collection of short adventures for Fifth Edition. And it’s already reached its funding with thirty days to go.

The Kickstarter was launched by game designers John Scott and Terry Herc. Herc has been publishing supplements for 5E on DMs Guild since 2017, including the well-received “Journey to Chult” supplement. With Professor Humbert Drumsley, the duo are looking to bring a classic trope to their adventures in the bumbling wizard NPC that needs your party’s help. The Kickstarter’s press release describes Drumsley as “heavily influenced by Rincewind from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and the Ice King in Adventure Time.” The Codex promises a light-hearted feel in the ten mini-adventures, something that DMs can use for a bit of fun between bigger and heavier adventures.

“Our playtesters have really enjoyed Humbert,” said Scott. “They really caught on with the premise of him as a menace to the town. They’re not so much ‘questing’ as they are in ‘damage control’ mode.”

The Kickstarter plans for delivery in September, but all backers will immediately get a draft PDF after the Kickstarter ends. The finished Codex will run eighty-plus pages and will include the ten quick adventures, a character write-up, statblocks, magic items and the usual. Announced illustrators include Aegis Studios founder Travis Legge, illustrator/designer Jeremy Hart and Fat Goblin Games’ Rick Hershey.

The Kickstarter’s pledge options include options for a PDF as well as print-on-demand softcover and hardcover, as well as an exclusive signed Collectors Editions. With the reasonable goal of $150 already reached, the duo are already working on their stretch goals including exta statblocks, more lore and additional pregenerated characters. You can go to the link to see the kickstarter and download a free PDF of one of the adventures, a single-session jaunt called “Oh, I Hate Spiders!”

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