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Resident Evil 7 Producer Says the Game Will Still Have “Familiar” Aspects for Fans

December 31, 2016 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Game Informer recently interviewed Resident Evil 7 game producer Masachika Kawata, who shared some details on the game and promised that it would include some “familiar” aspects for fans of the franchise. The upcoming game is due out on January 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The game will also have full PlayStation VR support. Below are some highlights.

Kawata on how the game will play in first person: “When we decided on the direction of focusing on horror, we thought that having a first-person perspective would be the most effective way to fully immerse the player in the experience. By making the player the main character, we believe they’ll be able to have a more personal connection to what’s going on and experience survival horror like never before.”

On how it will still have familiar elements: “At first glance, it may not seem like it, but this title will offer plenty of familiar aspects of Resident Evil, from fighting against different creatures to tense, atmospheric exploration and solving various puzzles. As mentioned previously, there are even some subtle nods throughout the game that we hope fans will enjoy discovering as they play. We’ve made a lot of effort to really strengthen the core of survival horror to the fullest, so you’ll get the sense that this truly is a Resident Evil title when you get your hands on it. This game also embodies one of the central themes of Resident Evil which is the balance of tension from fearful situations with the relief from being able to overcome them.”