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Bayonetta 1 & 2 Remastered (Nintendo Switch) Review

February 21, 2018 | Posted by Stewart Lange
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Bayonetta 1 & 2 Remastered (Nintendo Switch) Review  

Bayonetta was a surprise hit when it was released in 2009 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. A completely new property, the game features the titular (sorry) witch in a European city where all hell is breaking loose, quite literally. With no memory of the events that got her into her current predicament, Bayonetta must use her ever growing arsenal of moves, stiletto guns and, well, her ever growing and magnificently multi-talented hair to defeat the minions of the underworld and uncover the mysterious causes of her predicament. The game plays much like the Devil May Cry series, from the same creator. Fantastic combos can be pulled off with ease and mowing down fields of enemies is satisfying and fun in equal measure.

The sequel was left in limbo for a few years, eventually finding life on the Nintendo Wii:U exclusively, in a surprising move that saw publishers Sega teaming with long time “foes” Nintendo, but also left a number of people disappointed that they’d be without the second part of our favourite Rapunzel-esque, bespectacled witch’s adventure. Breathing new life into the series late last year, Nintendo not only announced a third adventure would be released exclusively on the much more popular Nintendo Switch, but the first two adventures would be bundled together and re-released on the console to allow those of us who never owned a Wii:U the opportunity to play the second game in the series.

The most obvious addition to the first game is the integration of the touch screen controls. I didn’t find these to be any use whatsoever, as the buttons were far more convenient and readily available even when playing the game on tablet mode. While a nice touch, the game is far too fast paced at times to use any other means to target enemies, so just use whatever you feel more comfortable with- mainly the controls that are already in your hands. There is no issue with using the controls in either docked or tablet mode, and thankfully there is no motion related option that I was able to stumble across as I don’t think it would be integrated especially well in this instance.

Graphically, neither title has had much of an upgrade, although both have had a nice 1080p polish for docked mode and run exceptionally well with not a single issue encountered on tablet mode either. The enemies are all nicely rendered and the boss fights don’t lose any sense of scale however you want to play. The short levels and ability to lock the screen and pick up wherever actually make Bayonetta the perfect game to have with you on the go, as every battle is individually graded you can dip the toe in for even just a few minutes without getting too lost in the story, which for as good as it is, is completely secondary to the action packed gameplay.

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If you've never played Bayonetta before or longed for an excuse to take another run at it, there's no better time to get through them before the third instalment comes out later this year.

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